Sunday, July 17, 2016

Stampin' Up! DIY Color Charts Download & Video

Stampin up color chart

[UPDATE: Subscription link now includes the 2017 - 2019 In Color PDF. If you subscribed by May 30, 2017, you should already have the updated PDF in your inbox!]

Do you need an updated Stampin' Up! Color Chart? Look no further because I've got what ya need! Lol. 

I posted about these color charts before, but little did I know that I was STILL behind on In Colors after being gone from SU! for two years! I know...I didn't do my homework lol. is another post with updated pdf of the SU! Base colors and In Colors from 2011 - 2013 through the current 2016 - 2018 In Colors.

Each set is on its own page so once you download the file, you can just print the pages you need!

This is what it looks like completed (see below) for the current 2016 - 2018 In Colors. Sorry for the poor lighting, it's actually very difficult to take a picture of white paper lol, but I think it serves its purpose.

Stampin up color chart

How do I get my copy?

It's easy! Just use the form below to enter your name and email address and I will provide you with the pdf for download...


By signing up through this post, not only will you get my latest posts (unless you're already signed up then you're ahead of the game!), but I will also sign you up to get ALL updates to the color charts! That means all future In Colors AND all future color refreshes!

I mean how awesome is that?! 

That means no searching on the web every year for a new pdf, hoping someone has updated it like I did for a while lol.

Need something custom? Just sign-up through the form above and then shoot me an email with what you would like and I will see what I can do!

If you are interested in how I filled mine in, take a look at this YouTube video I've uploaded on my channel for a brief tutorial.

Hope you Enjoy!


  1. Yesss! Sign up for the email list to get it!! Everyone loves freebies :)

  2. Thank you so much for the color chart :) Your work is amazing! You inspire me!

    1. You are so welcome and thank you! I enjoy crafting and glad I got back into the groove! Do you have a blog or social media where you post your work? I would love to see!