Monday, March 03, 2014

Just in CASE - Premiere!!!

Just in CASE - Premiere

Hey everyone! I fell off for a bit, but I am back with some cool stuff for you guys. I watched A LOT of YouTube this weekend and decided to try some stuff I saw and loved. That gave me an idea to start a blog series called "Just In CASE". The meaning is 2-fold. I will start with the "CASE". For those of you unfamiliar with the term, in the card-making world, it means "Copy And Share Everything"...CASE. Basically it is how we encourage the sharing of ideas between one another. The only rule is that you do not act like it's your brand new idea and give credit where credit is due. Even if you don't remember where you saw it, acknowledge you weren't the brain-child of the idea. You also don't have to do the SAME thing, it can just be a card that gave you an idea and is something LIKE the one you saw.

The second part is the "Just in case" as a whole. Who doesn't like to have a card on hand "just in case" one is needed? I know I do. So that is the point of the series and as I find cool ideas I want to CASE, I will share them with you! I had a very busy weekend so actually have FIVE new CASE cards I want to share with you all, but will be sharing them one at a time. I also decided to post the video (if applicable) I got the idea from as point in re-inventing the wheel just yet. I plan to get my own YouTube channel up and running, but I have some things to work out. It WILL be up and running soon though so watch out!

Ok so on to my first Just in CASE (JIC) card...