Saturday, June 01, 2013

Tools & Techniques - My "Punch Pal"

My Punch Pal

Welcome to my first "Tools & Techniques" post! This is where I will share and techniques I use with Stampin' Up!

Ok there is no such thing (I don't think), as a Stampin' Up! Punch Pal, this is something I made up from ideas I found on various websites.

I know personally it is annoying when you want to pick a stamp and/or punch, but don't know if your image will fit! Or if you want to punch a space in a part of your card to see if an image will show through it, or what part would show! Well that is where this comes in handy and here it is...

Basically all it takes is some scrap card stock (I have seen people use vellum as well), a brad (or some string), your Stampin' Up punches and something to write with. Whatever works for you and the supplies you have on hand. So far I only have 5 punches so mine is pretty slim, but as I get more punches (I have two on the way!) I will add to it. The other advantage is not having to pull our your punch until you know you want to use it for sure.

I also keep a little index card holder of all of my punched OUT shapes in case I want to see if a shape would look good or fit on a card or project. Once I figure out a way to organize those, I will share that as well.

If any one else has their own method of organization and/or making their crafting easier, please feel free to share.

Thanks for reading and hope someone finds this helpful!

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