Saturday, June 01, 2013

Officially Stampin' Up!

I'm Stampin' Up! Demonstrator!

As of May 25, 2013 I am officially a Stampin' Up Demonstrator! I am excited! There are many reasons people sign up to be a demonstrator; discounts and special offers on great products, to build a business off something they love to do, or simply to be able to create, share, and teach. My personal reasons are for the discounts and to create, share, and teach, but that isn't to say it can't become a business one day!

For those of you who do not know what Stampin' Up! is:

"Stampin’ Up! is a direct-selling company that offers rubber stamps and paper crafting products through a network of independent contractors called demonstrators. In the last 19 years, Stampin’ Up! has become one of the top companies in the paper-crafting industry, developing a reputation for quality products, innovative techniques, and unparalleled support for its demonstrators (for more information on Stampin’ Up!’s history, please click here)." Check out the site here.

I have always been a crafty person so getting into "stamping" and "card making" was an easy decision. I will admit Stampin' Up! products can be a little more pricey than others, but it is good quality. Also, things aren't always what they appear. Before I became a demonstrator I went to Michael's and found card stock that was just as strong as Stampin' Up! card stock and I got excited. Other card stock is flimsy and doesn't stand up or handle glue and/or ink well. You get that wrinkled effect which I don't like at all. I thought why do I have to buy a whole pack of something for more money when I can get a few cheaper sheets. I bought a few sheets (only came in about 6 colors) and came home to see how much money I saved....I didn't save anything! Turns out the amount you pay for Stampin' Up! paper in bulk was almost 20 cents cheaper a sheet than what I paid in Michael's! 

Something else to mention, their colors coordinate! So if you have the "Real Red" ink, they have card stock, ribbon, buttons, marker, etc. to match so your card won't look crazy with a million shades of the same color (unless that is your intention). We all know how hard it is to find the same red, blue, or green!

Anyway, I just wanted to share my good news with everyone. Now I get to make my crafts AND get the products for a discount (20%). As a demonstrator I also get to take advantage of products that are exclusive to demonstrators only AND I get sneak peaks with rights to pre-order products as well. As if that wasn't enough, I get the opportunity to attend events where I can learn about new products and techniques and I have access to training, tips, and all sorts of helpful publications that non-demonstrators will not have. It is a win-win! Oh yea, this isn't only for card making, they have products for scrapbooking, 3-D gifts, home-made invitations, etc. If you like crafts period, you will probably find something you like. I think they even have products for creative cooking!

I also have a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator Website that they gave me for free for 2 months so I said why not take advantage of it and see how it turns out! Check it out here. These sites are used to help promote your "business". Anyone can go on there and check out and order the products, contact me, check out other events and promotions from Stampin' Up!, and I even put a link to my blog (this one) on there as well. It involves very little maintenance so it is pretty cool.

Below are come cards I have made with Stampin' Up! Products:

These cards, plus the many more creations I plan to post will be found here on my Pinterest account. I have board dedicated to How-To videos, Stampin' Up! color combination inspiration, and card making techniques as well so be sure to take a look! I plan to maybe make a Scrapbooking Board too...we shall see.

I look forward to continuing to share my crafts, tips, and news with you all and I hope you will enjoy reading about it as much as I will enjoy blogging about it!