Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mojo Monday 3/4/13

Mojo Monday - Happy Birthday

So I decided to try my first Mojo Monday...although it is Sunday. The deadline for submission is tonight at 10pm so I have time. The point is that every Monday they release a "sketch" and you use it as inspiration to make your own card. Check out the site here.

Here is the sketch...

Here are my cards...

I decided to do a Happy Birthday card because I know I will use these in the future! I hate to make cards and waste my supplies on cards that may never leave my house! I enjoyed the challenge even with my limited supplies so I think I will keep doing it!


  1. Pretty! Hmm, I'm noticing you're making a lot of butterfly cards... nice! And thank you for my pretty birthday card again :)

    1. LOL yea I am in LOVE with the stamp and punch set! Thanks for being my reason to get it LOL. I probably never would have thought about getting it for a while.