Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Privacy Please! How Far is Too Far for Employers?

A while ago I was talking to my mom about social networks and she mentioned how some jobs require you to give them access to your social networking accounts in order to get the job. My initial reaction was...


So you know I had to look into it more because this just did not make sense to me. I came across this article in the NYTimes called Social Media History Becomes a New Job Hurdle. They talk about companies scouring the Internet in search of whatever they can find about you including "racist remarks" and "reference to drugs". One company found a prospective employee on Craigslist looking for OxyCotin! Another guy had a picture posted online standing in a greenhouse with large marijuana plants...DUMMY! I guess these people did not get the job.

They go on to talk about other incidents that have been found, but they also brought up a good point. Jobs are not allowed to discriminate against applicants on the basis of things like race, religion, disability, etc. However, this Internet snooping opens them up to find out things they aren't even allowed to ask you on your application. I agree that you shouldn't post anything that is not respectable on the Internet because it is ALWAYS there even if you think you deleted it BUT I also think jobs are going too far.

This article I found talks about a man who when applying for a job was asked to provide his Facebook credentials during the INTERVIEW. Are you kidding me? Jobs need to get real and stop trippin'! I personally do not have anything incriminating on any of my social networking sites, but I still find it unsettling that a potential employer would ask that of me. Sometimes I discuss PERSONAL and NON-CRIMINAL matters with my family and friends and I do not feel they have a right to have access to this. I don't trust them not to go through my messages and friends and just totally invade my privacy...no Sir...no Ma'am!

Do you think employers are going overboard?

StandOut Ad - Where’s your child?

I actually gasped when I saw this. Very saddening, but scary how serious it is!

Monday, March 05, 2012

Love On Top - Beyonce

I know it has been a while! Going back to work after weeks off on medical leave was a struggle and I have been trying to get adapted again.

I fell in love with a new song over the past week or so, so I felt it was only necessary to come back with it for my Video Vault. I think "Love On Top" by Beyonce is hot fire and it's such a uplifting song. You cannot help but get excited when you hear it. I loved it so much I downloaded her album "4" from Itunes. I don't get new music often, but I have no problem paying for music when it's worth it. Beyonce also seems to be having so much fun in the video. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Note: For some reason they don't do the 2nd verse in the video...ugh but whatever still a good song.