Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cool and Creepy Products

I am not sure if these things are in mass production, but I found this site that has a bunch of "Bizarre and Unusual Product Designs", some of which I thought were cool and would actually buy if I found it in a store! On the other hand, there were some that I thought were creepy or pointless lol. The one above was my favorite. I don't like milk, but I would buy it! See some of the other ones below.


Invisible Chair

USB Typewriter


Dell Flipping Tablet

Bathroom Sink Aquarium - this one is borderline..


Blood Bag Energy Drink...gross

Pillow Hands...not sure how I feel about this

I am not even sure what this is suppose to be, but it's creepy...

What other cool or creepy products have you seen or heard of?


  1. Ohhh Ive always loved typewriters!! I would buy that and the phone.. The others are weird especially those hands, eww lol

    1. LOL yea like the hands may be nice if you dont want your child to roll over or something lol, but it is still strange.