Monday, March 05, 2012

Love On Top - Beyonce

I know it has been a while! Going back to work after weeks off on medical leave was a struggle and I have been trying to get adapted again.

I fell in love with a new song over the past week or so, so I felt it was only necessary to come back with it for my Video Vault. I think "Love On Top" by Beyonce is hot fire and it's such a uplifting song. You cannot help but get excited when you hear it. I loved it so much I downloaded her album "4" from Itunes. I don't get new music often, but I have no problem paying for music when it's worth it. Beyonce also seems to be having so much fun in the video. So I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Note: For some reason they don't do the 2nd verse in the video...ugh but whatever still a good song.


  1. yes it has been awhile, almost a month! dont let it happen again missy! lol

    and I loveeee this song, before it even started being played on the radio and before she performed it on the VMA, as soon as I heard it I was trying to hit the high notes lol

    1. Lol yea I didn't care too much at first then something all of a sudden made me LOVE it and I was hooked.