Monday, February 06, 2012

You A Bad Mutha...SHUT YO MOUTH!

What did she say?!

That is the question a lot of parents say when they hear those not so nice words come out of their children's mouth.

It has always been funny to me how some parents will cuss up a storm around their kids, but then want to beat them when they start repeating them. A lot of parents will say that they don't want their children cussing, it is for adults only and they are not old enough. Others think it is dare I say...CUTE! Those are the ones who recorded it and put it on You Tube.

I think about all of those kids who get in trouble in school for cussing when they are just doing what they know. It is hard to tell a kid "honey I know I cuss, but you cannot do it too". Kids, especially at very young ages are sponges and soak everything up. It is harder for them to cut cussing on and off depending on where they are at like some adults do. Cuss at home, but not at work or church...

This is not about whether I approve of cussing around your children or not, I am just curious as to YOUR opinion on the following:

- Should parents cuss around their children if they don't want them doing it too?
- Is there an age where it is appropriate for your kids to start cussing?
- Should parents cuss around their kids PERIOD?

Let us know what you think!
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