Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Manilla - Product Review

Hey guys! This next product review is actually something you do not have to go out and buy...it's FREE! It is called Manilla and is an online account and bill organizer! I saw this on the blog of the awesome Double Saving Divas today and I signed up myself to give it a try. 

I love it already. For all of you technology people, it is a good tool just to get all of your eggs in one basket and off the paper. You add different accounts you have like Paypal, Avis Wizard Program, Progress Energy, and Bank of America and it links to the account showing you what your account balances are, when bills are due and in how many days, as well as, how many point on your rewards program!

Of course it isn't all inclusive and there were a few companies not featured, but I feel like it will grow and soon have it all! It linked to my Groupon account and I could see what coupons I had waiting for me. It also linked to my magazine subscriptions showing their expiration dates! You can also view and print paperless statements from the company with ONE click. I myself have ATT Uverse and I was able to view my current statement directly from Manilla. I think this is super cool. 

Sometimes it is nice to have it all in one place, REAL-TIME, without logging onto a million accounts just to update your homemade budget spreadsheet to figure out what is due and when. Also, all of those rewards programs can get hard to keep up with. I myself added my Best Buy, Avis, Marriott, US Airways, and Hilton Honors accounts and now on one page I can see my points for all of those accounts.

For all of you smartphone owners, you can even manage it on the go. I love finding new ways to manage all of these online accounts I have and I plan to give it a test run for a few months and see where it goes. 

So try it out, leave a comment below, and let us know what you think!

Thanks again Double Saving Divas!


  1. Being the writer I am lol this looks cool but im so old school...i write everything in my leather booklet..it was a christmas present from peaches actually and i like to decorate each special date on my calendar lol I know I need to get with the times. But I cant!! I even have a phone book where i write numbers down incase i lose my numbers again lol. But i actually misplaced that!

    1. Oh no honey, I still use a planner. I mainly like Manilla for the fact that everything is in one place, its real time, and its easily accessible when needed. When I am updating my budget (which is in an excel spreadsheet), it takes so much time to go to EACH AND EVERY website to check the status, due dates, and balances. So I agree, I cannot operate totally electronic, I need my paper planner, but this is definitely an added bonus.