Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Why Do I Do The Things I Do?

So I decided to turn the tables on ME with this WHY??? post and talk about some of the things I do in which I constantly ask "Why Brittany". So here they are...

1. WHY when I stay at a hotel in which the towels are lined up on a shelf IN the shower do I always choose the middle one?

2. WHY do I eat a reeses peanut buttercup by eating around the edges first to get rid of ridged part and THEN eat the rest?

3. WHY do I occasionally walk by a mirror and feel the need to (and do) strike a pose?

4. WHY do I still like to be tucked into bed and have someone cut the lights off for me?

5. WHY when typing informally, I sometimes feel the need to always have 3 "!"s, "?"s and/or "."s???

6. WHY do I like to wrap my toast around a sausage link and eat it like a pig in a blanket?

7. WHY do I like to put ketchup and bacon (or sausage) in my grits?

What are some things you do that make you ask yourself WHY???


  1. LOL @ your 'Why's' ...and weren't you the one who said if someone with a long ponytail is standing in front of you, you will feel the need to pull it? LOL!!!

  2. OMG YES! I can't believe I forget that one! Yes I get soooo agitated if I cannot pull it and it is so close to me! ponytails just scream PULL ME!

  3. i have answers for some of these.
    #3, cuz your just silly and you cant help it. cuz you do worse when someone is there to laugh at you. lol
    #5, cuz 3 is the magic number!!! hahaha
    #6, cuz you like to be tucked in so you feel bad for the little piggie cuz he doesnt have a mommy and daddy.

    TEHE! :)