Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Taboo - My New Fav Show!!!

There is a show that comes on the National Geographic Channel called Taboo on Tuesdays at 9pm. It exploits all of the crazy and/or unusual stuff people do. Some of the "taboo" things they show are more cultural differences and to US would be Taboo, but obviously to that culture, it is normal.

The website describes it as this:

"Taboo takes viewers on a journey beyond their comfort zones and across cultural borders to explore addictions and lifestyles that are acceptable in some cultures but forbidden, illegal, or even reviled in others. Each hour-long episode examines a topic from a variety of cultures and perspectives, venturing into closed worlds rarely seen."

The very first episode I watched was called "Secret Lives" and it highlighted the following:

1. People who go around dressed as Super Heroes fighting crime on the streets. Focusing on this 1 guy who is really a child care provider with a wife and kids whose super hero name is "Phoenix Jones". Below is a video of Phoenix Jones, as we follow him on one of his "street patrols". Take a look...


2. A woman who ACTS like she is a paraplegic by wearing leg braces and rides around in a wheel chair.

Acting Paraplegic 

3. People who dress like animals in their spare time because they feel they are an animal in another life called "Furries". More specifically this one guy that likes to dress as a big blue cat.

The "Furries"

4. A self-made millionaire that twice a year leaves his home and becomes a Hobo, riding trains across country and living life free and eating out of trash cans.

Liiiiiike what in the world is wrong with people?! First of all, you can get yourself killed trying to fight crime and you don't have any bullet-proof best or gun! And why would you intentionally want to be disabled. I don't know.

I like random knowledge and to hear/read about crazy stuff so I definitely will be watching this show from now on and catching up on all of the episodes I have missed on their website. I am not sure if you can watch full episodes, but you can watch individual stories. I haven't watched them, but I have already seen other topics like "Gross Foods", "Adult Baby", and "Wife Thief". I don't know about you, but I am excited to start watching!

Check out the shows website here!

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  1. These people are special!!! I remember you were telling me about this hahaaa