Friday, January 06, 2012

No Scrubs - TLC

Once again, I was about 14 when this song came out. I promise yall 1999-2000 was a great time period for hits. I remember girls were hype and no man (or boy at our age) had a chance. Girls were always in their face singing "I don't want no scrub!" LOL. Shoot 12 yrs later...I STILL don't want no scrub! I used to love the rap by the late Left-Eye and could not STAND when videos or the radio would cut it off before she finished her rap. I used to and still know her rap. Just got finished rapping it as a matter of fact!


  1. Yea this was the jam, remember that no pigeons song as a response to this song? smh guys in middle school couldnt stop singing it

  2. HAHA yes. "But this aint my car like that aint your hair" LOL. I loved that song too! Think it was by Sporty Theives.

  3. yes!! I think I still have the tape lol throwback!