Thursday, January 12, 2012

Legends of the Coupon Fairies

I say "Coupon Fairies" to so many people and realized that they have NO clue what I am talking about! So I decided to do a quick post about it.

A Coupon Fairy is someone who leaves coupons for others to use in the store, it's that simple. What they do is leave coupons related to that specific product next to or under that product (see example at below). Typically people do this for 2 reasons: 1) They have already bought what they needed and have leftover coupons or 2) They have coupons for a product they do not use. I loooove being a Coupon Fairy! I have done this a few times and sometimes I want to sit and wait and see if anyone picks them up (I don't though lol).


Sometimes a Coupon Fairy can also be someone who physically hands people coupons in the store. I have had this happen to me before. I was in Walmart buying Cover Girl Eye Shadow (my faaaavorite!) and I had about 4 coupons I was going to use that were expiring THAT day so I was crouched down trying to figure out which I was going to buy. A lady approached me and gave me THREE more! She said she wasn't going to use them so figured she would give them to me. In the words of my little cousins...SPLEEEEE!

I think being a Coupon Fairy is awesome! If you are not going to donate your coupons to the troops (who can use them up to 6 months after their expiration date), then why not give someone else a chance to use them?

Have you ever been or been blessed by a Coupon Fairy?

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