Friday, January 13, 2012

Killer Foods - Are You A Victim?

I love Dr. Oz so you will see a lot of posts that I got the idea from him. I came across this article "Dr. Oz's Most Wanted: 6 Worst Meals in America" and here they are:

#6 Most Wanted  
Breakfast Sandwich: pancake-wrapped egg, sausage and cheese
This meal was caught with 973 milligrams of cholesterol. The average amount recommended per day is 300 milligrams.

#5 Most Wanted
Chicken burrito and chips
This lunch special was caught loaded with 1700 calories. On average, adult women need about 2000 calories per day.

#4 Most Wanted
Fish encrusted with parmesan cheese, served with spicy rice
This salt-laden dish was caught containing 3300 milligrams of sodium; the average maximum daily intake should be 2300 milligrams.

#3 Most Wanted
Pepperoni and meatball pizza
The average slice was caught with 25 grams of fat; most people should aim for no more than 50 grams of fat per day.

#2 Most Wanted
Pasta with breaded shrimp
This dish was caught with 196 grams of carbs, nearly an entire day's worth.

#1 Most Wanted
Ice cream with mix-ins (such as candy, brownie bits, sprinkles and sauce)
This sweet treat was caught with 1344 grams of sugar, basically a quarter cup of sugar per scoop.

I am happy to report to myself and the world that all 6 of those items above I do NOT consume even once a month so PHEW! A few of those I do not eat at all so they don't concern me.

How many of the Most Wanted Worst Meals have you fell victim to?

P.S. Isn't that killer taco picture the most retarded thing ever? LMBO!


  1. I've cut down on my food intake and now I'm always flipping something around to look at calories. I just put ketchup on something and then looked at the calories and was like hmmm I should wipe this off! I've also realized liquid calories are a killer! But I need my lq lol.

    I'm a victim of pizza! Mmmmmm. I can kill a half of box of Dominoes! And the pasta and shrimp...that's probably if I'm going out to like Red Lobster or something.

  2. @La La - And don't forget you and that TACO BELL!!!! And girl those coffee drinks with all that creamer and sugar in it is a killer too. It all adds up!

  3. LOL! Taco Bell is evil! and yea coffee drink calories do add up, I stick to just plain coffee, nothing fancy