Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Weird" Isn't It?

So this will be a short one, but had to be done. Yesterday I went to type the word "weird" and was like ok "w-i-e-r-d", but spell check told me I was wrong. Soooo what is the point of the whole "i before e, except after c, but sometimes....blah blah"? I just don't get why we make up these rules and then have so many exceptions to the rule. We got words like society, concierge, foreign...and the list goes on. These words are not implementing the "i before e, except after c" rule at all. Basically the message here is just learn how to spell the daggon words you use in life and you won't have a problem!

I will admit however that it makes sense to be spelled "weird" the way it is spelled. It actually sounds the way it is spelled... "we-ird"...right?

I dunno.

"Wehadababyitsaboy" - GEICO

Dedicated to my home-girl NJ La La @ LMBO!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sweet Lady - Tyrese

Mmm...mmm...mmm! I don't think he is cute, but I love Tyrese for making this song. The melody is just hot! I happened to notice a pattern here, all these videos I am posting to my Video Vault are from my 11-13yr old days. That tells you something about music back in the day. And YES I said back in the day! I officially have songs I remember jamming to that were a decade ago so it counts!

"I Know You Not Touchin My Mannequin!" - Axe

Tired All The Time (TATT) Syndrome...Whaaaa?

No...nothing is wrong with your eyes and yes you can read. This is not a joke. There IS something called Tired All The Time (TATT) - Syndrome! I Read this in a book while on the treadmill tonight and was like...they are making up stuff! So doing what I do, I researched it and they were not playing. 

They say the symptoms are:
- Lack of energy
- Sleepiness throughout the day
- Loss of motivation
- Poor concentration
- Difficulty carrying out daily tasks
- Feeling depressed without reason

Some causes are:
- Wrong diet
- Sedentary Lifestyle
- Sleeplessness
- Too much stress

Apparently there is also something called Constant Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) to explain a long term set of symptoms that mainly involves being overwhelmingly fatigued. This is considered to be a more severe case of TATT.

All I know is I need to be diagnosed and see if I am eligible for shorter work days to help with the treatment of my TATT!

But seriously...I don't know about you, but those symptoms seem more like DEPRESSION to me. I am not quite sure what the distinction is here. If I felt all of that at once, to me I would think I was depressed. I wonder how long you have to be feeling the symptoms because there have been days when I had ALL of those symptoms besides the one about feeling depression. I may have just been a little sad. So did I have TATT for a day or two?

I am definitely going to be looking into this a little more. Kills me what people come up with! I am going to see if there is a syndrome called CAS...Constantly Aggravated Syndrome!

Here is the link I got this information from:

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mo Money Mo Problems - Notorious BIG Feat. Puff Daddy & Mase

B.I.G.P.O.P.PA!!! Now yall can't tell me this video wasn't the junk back in the day! Once again, I was about 12 when this video came out in 1997. I still know all of the lyrics too. I wish a guy would try and dance to this at the club during the throwback song don't dance to this song, you rap! That's like dancing to Shoop by Salt & NOT!

"Unicorns & Glitter" - Progressive

     I don't watch a lot of TV, but I LOOOOVE me a funny commercial! So I decided to start posting my favorite funny commercials so I can laugh while watching it to upload and then laugh again when I think about it after I post it. Now let me tell you now, these are commercials that are funny to ME, so I don't care if they aren't funny to you!

So for my FIRST Funniest Commercial, I have chosen the Progressive "Unicorns & Glitter" commercial. Enjoy!

Monday, December 12, 2011

What Hue Is Your Poo?

I love Dr. Oz and once saw a show on the color of your poop and how to tell if it's healthy. Yes poop! I know it sounds nasty BUT it is something we ALL do and if you don't, you have a bigger problem. Studies show that everyone should be going at a minimum of once a day. I had a friend in high-school who once told me he didn't go every day and I was so shocked.

Paying attention to your poop can tell you a lot about what is going on inside. The below chart outlines what the color can tell you:

Of course these colors are not definate. Green poop could also be a sign of side effects from medication, food poisoning, or too much use of laxatives. You can get black stool from eating a large amount of spinach or other greens. So it's just a matter of paying attention to the patterns.

Did you know that your poop should be S-shaped? Why, because of how it moves through your body, it should actually be molded to the curve of your intestine (or colon, whichever). There are so many other things your body can tell you such as: 

- Small hard stools can mean you don't intake enough fiber!
- Smelly poop COULD (but clearly not always) indicate infection and/or disease.
- Pellet poop can mean you do not drink enough water.
- Cloudy pee can mean excess in proteins present in your urine or kidney disease.
- Really foul smelling burps can suggest infection!
- Smelly incisions (from surgery) can indicate it busted open and you are smelling your insides! (True story, someone told me this happened to someone they knew)

Watch this video by Dr. Oz to get the scoop on your POOP! It includes video animation of how poop should AND shouldn't be going through your system! (FastFwd to about 1:45)

Also, here is a video where Dr. Oz explains how the color of your urine can tell you about what is going on in your body!

I know some of you are probably disgusted, but there are people whose lives were saved by merely just paying a little more attention to what was coming out of their own body! So the next time you use the bathroom...take a peek! ;-)

"25 Pounds"

So I have decided to let you all into a piece of my life.. weight loss. Back in January of 2011, I started weight watchers and lost 12lbs in a few months. I know some people bash WW, but it worked well for me. I ate what I wanted when I wanted, just made sure to watch my portions. It always helped that I ate pretty well to begin with. I love fruits and veggies and barely ate fried foods. Beef was also something I ate every once in a while.

I was doing very well until i started traveling for work again and fell off. I did not fall back completely however, but I have gained 2 lbs back (not TOO bad). With that said, I am now 175lbs.

Some of you say that isn't bad, but for a woman my height (5'5), it is and I AM considered overweight. However, I am more concerned about my health. The fact that I have bronchial asthma and bad knees and losing weight has made both better, tells me that losing weight IS the answer for me.

My max weight is 180lbs. What do I mean by that? Well a DEAR friend of mine told me that if I can weigh it at ANY point in the day, then it counts. But, I want it on record, my weight when I wake up in the morning is 175 lol.

I named this category "25 Pounds" to represent the 25 pounds I plan to lose, making my goal 150lbs. I am not going to put a time limit on it as long as I am losing the weight 1 pound at a time. I also named it that to be funny and mock the movie "12 Pounds" lol.

I am going to keep you all posted on my goal in hopes you all can help cheer me on to my goal! Only one rule, NO HATERS! I don't have time for all that (bbm eye roll).

Sunday, December 11, 2011

No Matter What They Say- Lil' Kim

Now this was my junk back in 2000...11yrs ago when I was about...15? It was just catchy! I knew all the words now and still do. My 1st experience as a rapper! No story to tell here, just wanted to see it and decided to add it to my Video Vault!