Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cootie Catcher - Is Your Food Safe?

I came across this article "10 dangerous but common food safety mistakes" on and I did not decide to blog about it because it was "interesting", but because I said DAG I do some of this stuff! God really looks out for me...


1. Tasting food to see if it's still good.

Ok I don't do this one, I'm too scared! If it's past its expiration date or looks/smells funny, it's going in the trash!

2. Thawing food on the counter.

...GUILTY! Apparently this isn't the right thing to do and USUALLY I will put it in a bowl of cold water, but I will say I have left my frozen meat on the counter to thaw a few times. Oopsy, won't do it again!

3. Letting food cool before putting it in the fridge.

Shootin' me! I do this ALL the time. I honestly thought you shouldn't put hot food directly in the fridge. The article says "illness-causing" bacteria can grow within two hours unless you refridgerate it or within one hour if the temperature is over 90 degrees.

4.Marinating meat or seafood on the counter.

This I can say I don't do either, I will marinate my meat in a container with a closed lid and put it in the fridge. Leaving it out at room temp will cause germs to muliply rapidly.

5. Using raw meat marinade on cooked food.

Ok...who does this? If you do, please keep it to yourself. I think that is just nasty. I don't want juices from RAW meat on my cooked food. You don't even have to tell me not to do this one.

6.Eating raw cookie dough (or other foods with uncooked eggs).

SEE! I am always telling people not to do this! Like people who eat the cake batter out the bowl when there was egg in there. The sad part is, I bet more people DO this than those who don't. All I know is, you won't be catching me doing this one.

7. Putting cooked meat back on a plate that held raw meat.

Um def don't do this and not sure what else I need to say...that's just gross.

8. Washing meat or poultry.

Well ok...I do this a lot and once again thought I was doing the right thing. Guess I should stop? The article says you are spreading bacteria to your sink, countertops, and other surfaces and that there is no need to wash your meat, just cook it. I GUESS I can see that, if you cook it thoroughly, it should kill anything you are trying to wash off.

9. Undercooking meat, poultry, seafood, or eggs.

Ok so I used to be 100% on this. If it wasn't dead 11 times over, I didn't want it. BUT lately I have been ordering my steaks medium well. I just got tired of getting well-done and it comes out DRY and nasty! Medium well isn't bleeeeeding soooo I feel less guilty eating it. I guess I just need to continue to pray over my food because I don't want dry steak.

10. Not washing your hands.

I ALWAYS do this. I even tear off a paper-towel before I start handling raw meat so that I can use it to turn the faucet on. I totally believe in washing hands in between each step if you need to touch other stuff. Usually, I try to set it up where I can just use ONE hand to touch the raw meat and the other to do things like pick up the seasoning and other utensils.


Ok so my Cootie Catcher score is 4 out of 10; 3.5 if you count my medium-well steak as being semi-ok! Not bad if I say so myself, and I am saying so. I wonder what other things I do that are unsafe...guess I will research and let you all know when I find out!

What's YOUR Cootie Catcher Score?

Click here to read the full article: 

Thursday, December 08, 2011

World of Tomorrow

Ok so this post idea actually popped into my head today when I was dropping off one of my besties at the bus stop. I was like how in the future, I bet bus stops are going to have a post with a screen on it (kind of like the one that now has the bus schedules on it) and it is going to be a a real-time map that will show the location of your bus and time until arrival to the bus stop. Wouldn't that be cool? I know they have that online and you can probably go online on your phone, but sometimes you are just not trying to do all that at a bus stop. So it got me to thinking what other cool (although it may be lazy) things does the future hold...

1. I want to make some drumsticks tonight, so I wash and skin them, season them with my favorite seasoning, lets say...McCormick's Fiery 5 seasoning, and throw it in the oven. I hit the on button and my oven quickly scans my chicken, sets the oven temperature and cooks the chicken to perfection, beeping and cutting the oven off when it is done...WHAT! That would be so awesome. No more dumb timers you forget beeped leading to burnt chicken!

2. Ok so we all have seen the commercials for the entertainment system thing that you can say "play movie" or something like that. BUT, what if  it was a comprehensive system that housed all of your dvds, cds, and included TV and you could just tell it what to do? Like "DVD -Play Transformers 3" and the tv switches to play the dvd. Then it goes off right at 9:58pm on a Wed and so you say "TV-Play New SVU" (I say new so it knows its the new episode I want on ch.17 and not the re-runs on CLOO or USA) and so it turns to it. I mean that is lazy but AWESOME! You know how many times I have watched a show (or shows) because I did not feel like getting up to get the remote to change the channel?

3. Now this last one, I don't know if we will ever see it come to fruition, but I just would REALLY like it. I HATE cleaning the stinking tub, like with a passion! They have those shower sprayers that spray your shower with cleaner, but I am sorry, that isn't going to work on a tub that just needs a good scrubbing. So what I want for Christmas is some little device with some special sensors that you put shower cleaner in and it just moves around your tub back and forth scrubbing it and it uses its sensors to know when its reached the edges, BUT goes on top of the sides too! Now I don't know how they will do this, but I just want it done. If we can re-create body parts, someone is smart enough to design this too!

Would you like these things too?

What inventions would you like to see in the future?

LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem

My choice for "Video Vault" today is LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem. Sooooooo this has got to be the most awesommeris song EVER! When I am in the car and this song comes on, it's like I get a whole energy surge through my body. I know people passing by in other cars think I am crazy and I don't care. I am actually playing it as I am typing this post and believe me I am dancing!

It is my favorite song to dance to on Just Dance 3 as well and I was glad to see it was on there when I went to buy it. 

I don't know about you, but I just love a good booty shaking song. And no not nasty booty shaking, just that good ol fashion "lose your mind" booty shake with no sense of rhythm or coordination, just moving!

P.S. I am still dancing because the video is still on. Pretty long video I realized.

All I have to say is....STOP hatin' is bad!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Fisher Price - "Little People"

Ok so Robot Chicken was on my tv (on mute while studying) and I happened to look up and saw a short feature involving the Fisher Price Little People and was like OMG I REMEMBER THOSE! Do you guys remember these????? Now I cannot remember if I personally had them or if my little cousins had them and I just played with them (that happened a lot) but it doesn't matter...I loved them!!! I don't think I have ever seen the dog one, but the two on the outside definitely were in the collection! I wonder if they sell these anymore. I miss old school toys man! So this just made me go on a hunt for some of my favs from back in the late 80s and 90s.

Do yall remember this one too?

I actually saw this along with other old school toys in Target a few months ago and they are actually advertising them as "Classics from Yesterday for Kids of Today". You may not be able to see it in the picture above, but its in the lower left corner of the box.

I would so buy them for my kids if I had any. Maybe I will stock up for my godbabies! They had other toys like the gumball machine and this piano too. 

Some toys I remember having and loving are my American Girl paper dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids (ummm which I still have my Rebecca-Arianne in my storage), Pogs (though now I think they were dumb), andViewMaster (see right). Last, but not least are my Barbies! Not these retarded re-makes though, the real Barbie. I guess Barbie looked too real so now she looks like a cartoon. I just love seeing things from the past that create HAPPY memories don't you?

What are some childhood toys you remember playing with that you loved?

Tuesday, December 06, 2011

"Sweet Dreams" - Beyonce

You don't LOVE a video until you have tried to perform it in your livingroom. Yes...yes I have done this and I am not ashamed. I will probably do it again sometime in my life. This video AND song are off the chain and I think as of current it is my favorite Beyonce video & song! Didn't really have a story, just felt like watching this video and posting it for you all to watch :-) too.

That is all...

Monday, December 05, 2011

FREE Birthday Gifts!!!

Ok so everyone loves presents, but what if they were FREE! Meaning no one has to come out of their pocket? Big or small, free is free and if it's worth it...I will take it! Below is a list of things that I have gotten for free for my birthday as well as other things I have HEARD you can get for free just by signing up for email newsletters and clubs on company websites.

I know ya'll are thinking you don't want your email flooded with useless email, but that is why I created an account JUST for things like this so I don't miss out on all these FREE bday gifts!

What I have gotten personally:
1. Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity (or free meal up to the value of one) - IHOP
2. 6oz Birthday Cake Shower Gel - Sephora
3. ANY Entree (excluding Fajitas) - Moe's Southwest Grill
4. Free dessert with purchase of an entree - TGIF
5. Any Pastry - Panera Bread
6. Free Dish - Noodles & Company

What Others have gotten:
1. Free Nibbler (don't know what that is) - Zaxbys
2. Dessert - Applebees
3. Dessert - Buffalo Wild Wings
4. Ice-cream cone - Dairy Queen
5. Dessert - P.F. Changes
6. Burger - Red Robin

Not FREE but better than full price:
1. $5 off an order - Jason's Deli
2. $5 off 2 Entrees - Red Lobster
3. $5 off  - McAllister's Deli

So go ahead and see what you can get, I am sure there are plenty of other freebies out there as well. I will continue to post new freebies that I get as well! Also feel free to add any other freebies you have gotten or know of!

Sunday, December 04, 2011

THE "One"

1 in 4 women have experienced domestic violence in her lifetime. 

1 in 100 people have schizophrenia. 

1 in 1000 people have tourettes.

1 in a million people die from flu vaccinations each year.

Although these numbers may not be 100% correct, we hear these "chances" ALL the time. 1 in this and 1 in that. Let's just say there are 100,000,000 people in the U.S. (to keep it simple), that means if the chances are 1 in a million, there are 100 people in the U.S. that will fall into that category. So why is it that people still act like it won't or can't happen to them? 

I have always been confused as to why people take the chances they take knowing the risks and using the fact that it is "rare" as an excuse. Unless I am told "this has never happened to anyone on this earth EVER", I will never say "it won't happen to me".

I don't only want to limit this to negative events, chances of a writer becoming a famous author, a singer becoming an international icon, as well as other things, if you look at the number of people who TRY and actually succeed is rare as well. However, we still let the "chances" hold us back and often discourage others from working toward their dreams.

Although some negative events are not things you can avoid, there are a lot of other things out there that have these same odds and are things we CAN avoid. 

It is amazing how we ignore the odds of bad things happening and do it anyway continuously, but pay such CLOSE attention to the odds of positive things and stray away or discourage others from going for it. We are indeed a backwards race and the world would be SO much better if the opposite were true. We like to learn from our OWN mistakes and live vicariously through OTHERS successes. Yes, sometimes it is best to learn on your own, but for me, some things are not worth it and I am glad to learn from the mistakes of others.

What lessons have you learned on your own that you could have avoided if you learned through someone else's mistakes?

What successes are you bypassing by not striving to be the ONE?