Thursday, December 08, 2011

World of Tomorrow

Ok so this post idea actually popped into my head today when I was dropping off one of my besties at the bus stop. I was like how in the future, I bet bus stops are going to have a post with a screen on it (kind of like the one that now has the bus schedules on it) and it is going to be a a real-time map that will show the location of your bus and time until arrival to the bus stop. Wouldn't that be cool? I know they have that online and you can probably go online on your phone, but sometimes you are just not trying to do all that at a bus stop. So it got me to thinking what other cool (although it may be lazy) things does the future hold...

1. I want to make some drumsticks tonight, so I wash and skin them, season them with my favorite seasoning, lets say...McCormick's Fiery 5 seasoning, and throw it in the oven. I hit the on button and my oven quickly scans my chicken, sets the oven temperature and cooks the chicken to perfection, beeping and cutting the oven off when it is done...WHAT! That would be so awesome. No more dumb timers you forget beeped leading to burnt chicken!

2. Ok so we all have seen the commercials for the entertainment system thing that you can say "play movie" or something like that. BUT, what if  it was a comprehensive system that housed all of your dvds, cds, and included TV and you could just tell it what to do? Like "DVD -Play Transformers 3" and the tv switches to play the dvd. Then it goes off right at 9:58pm on a Wed and so you say "TV-Play New SVU" (I say new so it knows its the new episode I want on ch.17 and not the re-runs on CLOO or USA) and so it turns to it. I mean that is lazy but AWESOME! You know how many times I have watched a show (or shows) because I did not feel like getting up to get the remote to change the channel?

3. Now this last one, I don't know if we will ever see it come to fruition, but I just would REALLY like it. I HATE cleaning the stinking tub, like with a passion! They have those shower sprayers that spray your shower with cleaner, but I am sorry, that isn't going to work on a tub that just needs a good scrubbing. So what I want for Christmas is some little device with some special sensors that you put shower cleaner in and it just moves around your tub back and forth scrubbing it and it uses its sensors to know when its reached the edges, BUT goes on top of the sides too! Now I don't know how they will do this, but I just want it done. If we can re-create body parts, someone is smart enough to design this too!

Would you like these things too?

What inventions would you like to see in the future?

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