Monday, December 12, 2011

What Hue Is Your Poo?

I love Dr. Oz and once saw a show on the color of your poop and how to tell if it's healthy. Yes poop! I know it sounds nasty BUT it is something we ALL do and if you don't, you have a bigger problem. Studies show that everyone should be going at a minimum of once a day. I had a friend in high-school who once told me he didn't go every day and I was so shocked.

Paying attention to your poop can tell you a lot about what is going on inside. The below chart outlines what the color can tell you:

Of course these colors are not definate. Green poop could also be a sign of side effects from medication, food poisoning, or too much use of laxatives. You can get black stool from eating a large amount of spinach or other greens. So it's just a matter of paying attention to the patterns.

Did you know that your poop should be S-shaped? Why, because of how it moves through your body, it should actually be molded to the curve of your intestine (or colon, whichever). There are so many other things your body can tell you such as: 

- Small hard stools can mean you don't intake enough fiber!
- Smelly poop COULD (but clearly not always) indicate infection and/or disease.
- Pellet poop can mean you do not drink enough water.
- Cloudy pee can mean excess in proteins present in your urine or kidney disease.
- Really foul smelling burps can suggest infection!
- Smelly incisions (from surgery) can indicate it busted open and you are smelling your insides! (True story, someone told me this happened to someone they knew)

Watch this video by Dr. Oz to get the scoop on your POOP! It includes video animation of how poop should AND shouldn't be going through your system! (FastFwd to about 1:45)

Also, here is a video where Dr. Oz explains how the color of your urine can tell you about what is going on in your body!

I know some of you are probably disgusted, but there are people whose lives were saved by merely just paying a little more attention to what was coming out of their own body! So the next time you use the bathroom...take a peek! ;-)


  1. No lie I look at my pee all the time. If it leans more on the yellow side I'm like eww, have I not been drinking water? So I kill water, pee again and check it. Yes I do that! lol but I actually don't check the number 2's I will know thanx to your post!

  2. LOL "kill water, pee again and check it"...LMBO!!! Omg that is too funny. Yea I am SOOO embarrassed when I go to the doctor and have to pee in the cup and my pee is all yellow. I don't know why, but I feel ashamed like they are going to be talking about me lol. I look at my #2s all the time to make sure I am healthy. I am at my best when I drink 8+ cups of water a day and get my fiber.

  3. 8 cups of water a day! oh geez, I would be tinkling like every 10 mins with that and all the coffee I drink lol. Your pee should be super clear that it is see through!

  4. Yea usually I do 4 cups before lunch and 4 anytime after , but before 1hr before bed or else I will be waking up to pee. I probably was using the bathroom every 30min-1hr! lol

  5. that animation he did is too much. that mess is NASTY!!!! lol i cant...its too weird. lol it makes me need to go poop LOL

  6. LOL good, I like posts that make people act!