Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Weird" Isn't It?

So this will be a short one, but had to be done. Yesterday I went to type the word "weird" and was like ok "w-i-e-r-d", but spell check told me I was wrong. Soooo what is the point of the whole "i before e, except after c, but sometimes....blah blah"? I just don't get why we make up these rules and then have so many exceptions to the rule. We got words like society, concierge, foreign...and the list goes on. These words are not implementing the "i before e, except after c" rule at all. Basically the message here is just learn how to spell the daggon words you use in life and you won't have a problem!

I will admit however that it makes sense to be spelled "weird" the way it is spelled. It actually sounds the way it is spelled... "we-ird"...right?

I dunno.


  1. yea yu say wire-ed if yu spell it "wierd" lol
    but i can never get it right. i put wierd all the time! i just cant seem to get it. lol

  2. LOL I know, its like definitely which I spelled wrong and it just corrected. I will never learn how to spell it...

  3. yea i know right!!! i dont even know how to spell that dumb word!!!! lol

  4. Lol well now you will know because you are going to remember my blog!