Tuesday, December 27, 2011

TODAY! - All New TLC's Extreme Couponing All-Stars 12/27 @ 10pm

Those of you that know me well, know I LOVE couponing! I consider myself a "Hardcore" couponer, not "Extreme". I don't buy 100 of an item, perhaps 2-5 if it's a really good deal! I also don't spend hundreds of dollars. I think my highest before store sales and coupons amount was $110 and I got it down to about $35. I also have my handy-dandy binder that is the sanctuary for all of the Qs (coupons) I cut.

I JUST found out (late I know) that there will be a new Extreme Couponing All-Stars episode coming on today 12/27/11 at 10pm on TLC! There is also a marathon coming on starting at 1pm and going until 6:30pm. The episode at 10pm is Carla vs. Faatima and the one at 10:30pm is Chris vs. Michelle. This season has a new twist to it and I think it makes it that more exciting! 

Two "All-Stars" will be going head-to-head in a race to purchase $500 worth of items in 30 minutes and NOTHING can be full price! The winner will be whoever has the highest percentage of savings. In the end, they will donate their entire haul to a local food bank. Check out this site to see all of the contestants this season!

I know some people criticize the show and call it stupid and unrealistic, and I could not agree more. A lot of times they do WAY too much and stores relax their coupon policy just for the show...stupid. There was actually one woman on there who I thought was the most down to earth shopper and I really felt like I could do what she did. 

One thing is to remember is that the appearance on this show marks the FIRST time these people have ever done a shopping trip like that. They are contacted and told to plan the biggest shopping trip ever and save the most money. So this is not something they do every week. If you are really interested, you can go to a few of their personal sites and they will actually tell you this. They also give REAL couponing advice and great tips that I have used to help me save money on my shopping trips. I have listed my favorite sites at the end of the ones that have appeared on the show.

I will admit I only watch this show for entertainment. I know I will not be able to go into any store and do what they have done, especially since I shop at Harris Teeter and they allow 20 coupons PER DAY, PER HOUSEHOLD. People who watch the show and try to go out and buy 100 newspapers and mirror what was done will be met with major disappointment. I myself buy 4 newspapers because I find that is a good number for me and allows me to take advantage of at least 4 of an item that is on a really good sale or even FREE (more if the coupon is for more than 1 like a $.75/2).

Once Harris Teeter had super doubles in which they doubled any coupon up to $1.98 (so a $1.50Q doubled to $3), well I was able to score 6 packs of non-stick Reynolds foil for FREE! Now for those of you who buy foil know that it can run you a good $3-$4 for that kind of foil. Well needless to say, I was able to get 6 (had 3 each of 2 types of foil coupons). I haven't had to buy foil yet and that was months ago. If it is something you use and WILL USE BEFORE IT EXPIRES, it isn't a bad thing to stock up.

Another thing I hate to hear people say is that you cannot get anything healthy by couponing. That is a lie. When I go shopping, EVERYTHING doesn't have a coupon, but best believe 9 times out of 10 everything will be on sale. The key is to shop sales only and when possible, match the sale up with the coupon. I spent $25 once and got ALL healthy items including meat. No I didn't have a coupon for the meat, but I saved so much money on everything else that the meat (which was on sale too OR marked down) was still affordable. So people please hush up. If you work it, it will work!

I am excited to see these "All-Stars" go head to head today and will definitely be back on to chat about the show! Will you be watching?

Here are the links I mentioned above of those "Extreme Couponers" who have appeared on the show that I love and follow myself":
Nathan - WeUseCoupons
Tai & Tarin - Double Saving Divas 

Check out the main site for more information on the show: http://tlc.howstuffworks.com/tv/extreme-couponing


  1. Don't mess with a couponer! Ya'll are serious!! lol I just Twittered you...how I got schooled about couponing

  2. @La La - LOL yea I saw it. Girl there is so much to learn! Those 3 sites plus more have been my teachers. Felt like I was back in school and shopping trips where the tests to see what I have learned lol.