Wednesday, December 28, 2011

TLC's Extreme Couponing All-Stars Premiere WINNERS!

Warning: Spoiler Ahead!!!

Hope you guys got a chance to watch the new season of TLC's Extreme Couponing All-Stars that came on last night! I did a post yesterday announcing the premiere and gave some detail around what the new season was about. Check it out the post here if you missed it! The new season features previous Extreme Couponing "All-Stars" who go head to head in a 30 minute race to savings! All the groceries purchased during the competition are donated to a local food bank. I personally think this was a great idea and it was exciting to watch. It was kind of like being a cooking lover watching an episode of Ready-Set-Cook that came on back in the day!

Here are the rules:

1. ONLY sale items are allowed to be purchased.

2. Must spend a minimum of $500 retail.

3. 15 unique items at a minimum.

4. 3 Pre-Ordered items allowed per contestant.

5. 1 "partner" is allowed to help prepare (which includes scouting the store                            before-hand and cheer them on!

6. Sales tax is not included in the total paid since each state is different.

The shopper with the highest percentage of savings is deemed the winner. At the end of the season, the 2 shoppers with the highest percent savings will move onto the final round!

Episode 1: Faatima vs. Carla

Funniest Moment: Faatima's husband was yelling through the store "like a maniac" from the front and she started freaking out saying he was getting on her nerves.

Favorite Quote: "We gotta do it for charity and I gotta beat Carla, charity and Carla, charity and Carla..." - Faatima

Carla's Epic Fail: Lost her cart in the store!

Faatima's Epic Fail: Almost forgot 1 of her most important items, Comet of her pre-orders which is suppose to give her overage to pay for other items on her list!

Once each shopper is done, they must make their way to the register and the clock is stopped. Each shopper, though they can be miles apart, must wait until the other shopper is done shopping before checking out. In the end, Carla was done shopping with 11min and 12 seconds to spare, and Faatima with 8min and 29 seconds.

And the shopper that came out victorious.....


Final Stats:

Total Retail: $1342.76
Final Cost: $35.04
Percent Savings: 97.4%


Total Retail: $900.43
Final Cost: $.29
Percent Savings: 99.96%

Episode 2: Chris vs. Michelle

Funniest Moment: On more than one occasion, Chris is whistling while going down the aisles as slow as possible and admiring the store displays...just funny to me lol.

Favorite Quote: "I don't think that she'll do that well. I don't feel nervous what-so-ever" - Chris

Chris's Epic Fail: Very miticulous and exact BUT did not realize 5min before his time is to expire that his soda pre-order wasn't brought up to the front of the store.

Michelle's Epic Fail: Left getting her large pre-orders until the end which could have been traumatic if she had ran out of time and they didn't get it to the front on time.

In the end, Chris was done shopping with 1min and 32 seconds to spare, and Michelle with 20 min and 5 seconds.

And the shopper that came out victorious.....


Final Stats:

Total Retail: $1847.93
Final Cost: $0
Percent Savings: 100%


Total Retail: $526.12
Final Cost: $2.57
Percent Savings: 99.6%

Out of both shows, I didn't really have a favorite so did not really care who won, but it was definitely a good competition. Catch the next episode of TLC's Extreme Couponing All-Stars next Tuesday at 10pm where we will get to see Jen vs Joni at 10pm and Judy vs. Antoinette at 10:30pm!


  1. does anyone have this guy Chris number! i would love to know how to save 100% for over $1,000 of spending!!!
    this is some crazyness!

  2. i gotta watch this how! this sounds like some crazynes!

  3. @Jessica!! - HAHA girl they plan for these things and MOST stores do NOT let you use that many coupons. However it is possible to save 100% if you have the right combination. I think my highest percent saved was 85%...wasn't on no $1000 of groceries though lol. I think it was on like $75 or something.