Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tired All The Time (TATT) Syndrome...Whaaaa?

No...nothing is wrong with your eyes and yes you can read. This is not a joke. There IS something called Tired All The Time (TATT) - Syndrome! I Read this in a book while on the treadmill tonight and was like...they are making up stuff! So doing what I do, I researched it and they were not playing. 

They say the symptoms are:
- Lack of energy
- Sleepiness throughout the day
- Loss of motivation
- Poor concentration
- Difficulty carrying out daily tasks
- Feeling depressed without reason

Some causes are:
- Wrong diet
- Sedentary Lifestyle
- Sleeplessness
- Too much stress

Apparently there is also something called Constant Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) to explain a long term set of symptoms that mainly involves being overwhelmingly fatigued. This is considered to be a more severe case of TATT.

All I know is I need to be diagnosed and see if I am eligible for shorter work days to help with the treatment of my TATT!

But seriously...I don't know about you, but those symptoms seem more like DEPRESSION to me. I am not quite sure what the distinction is here. If I felt all of that at once, to me I would think I was depressed. I wonder how long you have to be feeling the symptoms because there have been days when I had ALL of those symptoms besides the one about feeling depression. I may have just been a little sad. So did I have TATT for a day or two?

I am definitely going to be looking into this a little more. Kills me what people come up with! I am going to see if there is a syndrome called CAS...Constantly Aggravated Syndrome!

Here is the link I got this information from:


  1. Hmm interesting, I wish I knew what my problem is. I'm not tired throughout the day, I'm good on three hours of sleep. So it can't be this lol

  2. LOL definitely not this BUT if you drink have to see how you feel without it!

  3. doctors are getting lazy... they could have come up with more scientific name... "tired all the time" though?? lol. I'd be pissed if I went to the doctor for them to tell me that!

  4. @dduggs - LOL right! I'm like duh that is why I came to you, because I am tired all the time! They coulda called it Sleeperotisticaucous or something like that...