Monday, December 26, 2011

Kindle Fire!!! Merry Christmas To Me!

Kindle Fire with purple case

Originally when the Kindle first came out I said I did not read enough to want one and didn't care to have one. For Christmas last year I bought my mom a kindle because she really wanted one and she LOVED it! It made me so happy to get something for HER for a change that she really liked since she doesn't ask for much.

I have an ipod touch in which some of you may know you can download the Kindle App and read books on it too. Well I decided to try it out using my mom's account and I actually finished a book in less than a year which was my normal average lol. I think I finished it within a few weeks actually! This got me to thinking that dag maybe if I had a Kindle, I will actually read more!

So not too long ago me and my mom decided to start a book club with each other and started reading The Help together and when she comes to visit THIS week, we are going to have a Book Club meeting and discuss the book! Since we started, I began wanting a Kindle and wanting one BAD! Well, my wish finally came true and my mom and one of my best friends bought me one for Christmas!!! I was so overjoyed and filled with excitement and I still am! Just having it makes me want to read more!

So I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to do my first "Favorite Things" post! I have had it only two days now and it is already one of my favorite things! I am no techie so I can't sit here and explain all the technical features, but decided to share with you all my favorite things about it that I have discovered thus far (besides the fact that I can read books lol)...

1. The colors and screens are so rich! It had a background of pencils when I first cut it on and I felt like they were real pencils and wanted to reach into the screen and grab one to use!

2. With the PRETTY PRETTY purple case I got to go with it, I can prop it up on the table or bed and read it that way! Great if you don't feel like holding it up.

3. I found out you can "rent" movies for like $2 for 48hrs which is the same as renting RedBox $1 a day!

4. I love having apps just like on my Ipod Touch! Both have their advantages depending on where I am and what I am trying to do so I love having the option to use one or the other.

5. People complain because it doesn't have 3G, but I knew that and through research decided I did not care. I am usually where there is WiFi anyway and there is enough to do if you prepare ahead of time by downloading what you want that does NOT require the Internet. Through it's 1-Click feature, it is so easy to order and download paid AND free stuff and I love that as well.

Overall, I am very thankful for getting this for Christmas and am thoroughly enjoying it every minute. I don't have 1 complaint. Do you have a Kindle Fire? What do you enjoy most about it?


  1. Awww :) I'm so happy that you love it! Kindle RULES!!! lol

  2. @Dee - I do I do-oooooo love it! Actually I am about to go play a game now! Then read some!