Friday, December 02, 2011

Immature - We Got It / Ghetto Angel

Ok so every once in a while you just want to watch a good video or listen to a good song...or BOTH! So as I laid in bed trying to go to sleep, this song popped in my head so I decided to find it on you tube. I loved this song 11 yrs ago (1995) when I was 15 and I still do! I even remember the rap like it was yesterday. I remember me and girls being in love with Romeo and Batman and NO ONE cared about LDB! HA! 

Then I wondered what he looked like now and so of course...I googled it and this is the most recent picture I could find (see below)...well if he still looks like that then I mean...I care NOW! LOL! Then I found out his real name is Kelton Kessee and he was born in 81, I could have sworn I was older than him, but dag he is 30 already!

And THEN I came across this video below in my googling..."Ghetto Angel" by Marques Houston ft. Immature...what rock was I under when this came out or was it just THAT bad that it just never really made it on anyone's top 1000 list? I did watch it and I am def not impressed so I can see why I never heard of it before. It doesn't even sound like him to me. I honestly don't see the beauty in calling a woman your "Ghetto Angel", I prefer the term "Down Chick". And OMG Romeo....he looks trife now, U-G-L-Y he ain't got no alibi! He and LDB def did a swap! Aaaaaaand of course, as it was 11yrs ago, they didn't give LDB his own part in the song, he is the one that needs to be in the camera now, not Romeo! Hmmmmm....




  1. I saw that "Ghetto Angel" video a month ago and vowed to never watch it again because it would totally wipe away all good thoughts I ever had about Immature and replace them with whackness! They need to have several seats!

  2. @dd - YES honey! Some things are better left remembered as they were years upon years ago. As a matter of fact...what Ghetto Angel video????

  3. This is 2011 almost 2012, Romeo needs to let that eye patch go! And I used to love himmm! But yea I agree he's not all that anymore. And when was this song released? All the guy groups are trying to make a come back now. And they said "Top notch broad!" Like really?

  4. @ La La - I googled it and sometime in 2011 it says. I didn't know it existed until that night I posted it though lol.