Monday, December 05, 2011

FREE Birthday Gifts!!!

Ok so everyone loves presents, but what if they were FREE! Meaning no one has to come out of their pocket? Big or small, free is free and if it's worth it...I will take it! Below is a list of things that I have gotten for free for my birthday as well as other things I have HEARD you can get for free just by signing up for email newsletters and clubs on company websites.

I know ya'll are thinking you don't want your email flooded with useless email, but that is why I created an account JUST for things like this so I don't miss out on all these FREE bday gifts!

What I have gotten personally:
1. Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity (or free meal up to the value of one) - IHOP
2. 6oz Birthday Cake Shower Gel - Sephora
3. ANY Entree (excluding Fajitas) - Moe's Southwest Grill
4. Free dessert with purchase of an entree - TGIF
5. Any Pastry - Panera Bread
6. Free Dish - Noodles & Company

What Others have gotten:
1. Free Nibbler (don't know what that is) - Zaxbys
2. Dessert - Applebees
3. Dessert - Buffalo Wild Wings
4. Ice-cream cone - Dairy Queen
5. Dessert - P.F. Changes
6. Burger - Red Robin

Not FREE but better than full price:
1. $5 off an order - Jason's Deli
2. $5 off 2 Entrees - Red Lobster
3. $5 off  - McAllister's Deli

So go ahead and see what you can get, I am sure there are plenty of other freebies out there as well. I will continue to post new freebies that I get as well! Also feel free to add any other freebies you have gotten or know of!


  1. As a former Victoria Secret employee I knew of all the freebies there :) but they do send out regular coupons for free PINK panties! I think that is awesome. Especially the coupons off their expensive bra's.

  2. @La La - Awesome! I need to figure out why I didn't get one...must need to update my address from years ago when they were sending those cc bills lol.

  3. LOL! and shoprite! For Thanksgiving I got a free Turkey and lasagna that feeds 12 people. Awesome!

  4. OMG we don't have shoprite here daggon it!!