Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Fisher Price - "Little People"

Ok so Robot Chicken was on my tv (on mute while studying) and I happened to look up and saw a short feature involving the Fisher Price Little People and was like OMG I REMEMBER THOSE! Do you guys remember these????? Now I cannot remember if I personally had them or if my little cousins had them and I just played with them (that happened a lot) but it doesn't matter...I loved them!!! I don't think I have ever seen the dog one, but the two on the outside definitely were in the collection! I wonder if they sell these anymore. I miss old school toys man! So this just made me go on a hunt for some of my favs from back in the late 80s and 90s.

Do yall remember this one too?

I actually saw this along with other old school toys in Target a few months ago and they are actually advertising them as "Classics from Yesterday for Kids of Today". You may not be able to see it in the picture above, but its in the lower left corner of the box.

I would so buy them for my kids if I had any. Maybe I will stock up for my godbabies! They had other toys like the gumball machine and this piano too. 

Some toys I remember having and loving are my American Girl paper dolls, Cabbage Patch Kids (ummm which I still have my Rebecca-Arianne in my storage), Pogs (though now I think they were dumb), andViewMaster (see right). Last, but not least are my Barbies! Not these retarded re-makes though, the real Barbie. I guess Barbie looked too real so now she looks like a cartoon. I just love seeing things from the past that create HAPPY memories don't you?

What are some childhood toys you remember playing with that you loved?


  1. Baby Chrissy who sits in my bedroom with the growing hair that my mom bought for me when I was 12, BUT kept on HER bed unless company was coming over (couldn't get caught with a doll on her bed! lol,
    Polly Puff who had multiple surgeries from her "tomboy" stage at my grandmother's home who also lives in my bedroom still,
    Lego building blocks BEFORE they invented round ones and little people,
    Barbie's red headed "friend" Stacy who's hair I chopped off so I could make her wear all my crocheted wigs! lol!!
    and my etch a sketch :)

  2. This post brought back so many memories lol. I remember almost all of the toys you have listed! I loved my cabbage patch dolls too. A few favorites were my barbie corvette, operation and wheel of fortune games, and SKIP-IT !!

  3. lol i remember that Robot Chicken episode!! thats the one when the dog came in the court room and stated shooting! lol and one of them died from a car lift at a shop lol

    -cuzin Jess

  4. @J.Bush - haha yes to operation and that daggon buzzer when you hit the sides and get scared to death! LOL! And I had wheel of fortune in the little hand-held version, that was my junk on long rides to NC with my parents!

  5. @Jessica - Haha I don't even watch that show, but it happend to be on, it is actually VERY funny at times. You have to catch a good skit.

  6. @Dee - Aww Baby Chrissy with the moving hair LOL. I liked her too! And LOL at the wigs...who makes crocheted wigs as a kid lol.

  7. lol a child with a great imagination stuck at her grandmother's with nothing to do until her friends get out of school does!

  8. hahaha i love robot chicken. i watch it all the time. lol.....i record it :)