Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Couldn't Pay Me To Do That!

Have y'all ever watched that show Dirty Jobs? Where this guy goes and does the most dirtiest jobs with the actual people who do it every day. He has done things like Roadkill collector, Worm Dung Farmer, Garbage Collector, Lightening Rod Installers, and many MANY more.

This got me to thinking about all of these jobs out there that are just nasty to me and you couldn't pay me to do it! If I had ANY say in what I would do in life, cleaning toilets isn't one of them. I have a pretty strong stomach I think and I promise it wouldn't be strong for long!

I was thinking the other day isn't it funny how some of these jobs are considered such "low" jobs and those who do them are looked down upon? The point is SOMEONE has to do it and going back into slavery days, there are people who wouldn't know what to do with themselves if all of "the help" just up and disappeared. The sad part is, these are the most undesired jobs, but yet they pay SO low and these people aren't compensated for the risks they take and mess they deal with that WE run from. Imagine a world with no janitors, housekeepers, roadkill collectors, and sewage cleaners? That would one nasty place to live. I know I don't want to be bobbin' and weavin' around deer and raccoons or using the toilets and tubs in the hotel rooms I stay at so very often!

I found this video below called "Why won't unemployed Americans take low-pay dirty jobs" from Fox News. They were talking about how it used to be considered shameful not to work and people would take any job they could find. They said how we have become spoiled especially with the cracking down of illegal immigrants in some areas and employers are actually having a hard time finding people to take these lower-paying and "dirty" jobs...even unemployed people! I agree that we have become WAY too picky if we would rather not have a job than work in an undesired position. Take a look see...

There are however some high-paying dirty jobs (these are averages and geography sensitive):
1. Garbage Collectors - $43-60k (depending on overtime pay)
2. Portable Toilet Cleaner - $50k
3. Sewer Inspector - $60k
4. Plumbers - $47

I am sure not everyone in those occupations get paid that much, but the fact that it is a possibility is good. Especially because I feel like each and every one of those jobs are important. Just because its undesired doesn't mean we don't NEED them!

I know me personally look down on no one for what they do and treat everyone with respect because most of us know that we'd be screwed all the way down to Hell if all of a sudden we were forced into those roles.


  1. i agree! but yu know my deaddy would be one to been tryin to tell him get a small job but he like "no!"

  2. Other people from other countries come here and work! doesnt matter what the job is..they get it done. But us Americans..I don't know about us smh. It's like some people wait for opportunities to fall on their lap and in the meantime they're missing out

  3. Lol yea back in the day any job was a good job if it brought home a paycheck.

  4. @LaLa -right! If you are struggling and your family is hungry and you are risking being without a home how could you not just take A job. A job is better than NO job. Doesn't mean you cannot still look for a better one but why choose $0 over SOME money. We may never know the thought process behind that one.

  5. Exactly! Laziness or they think they're too good..smh