Friday, December 02, 2011

Chris & Justin B. Video Flop (Next To You)

I am sorry, but I had to chose this video to be the first Why??? post because the first time I saw this....I asked myself "Self?", myself said "Hmmm"..."Why?". So here it is. Now I LOVE this song, think it's beautiful, and Chris and Justin sound together. BUT I have a few problems with this video....

1. What the heck is the point? I sat the whole video waiting for it to make some sense. Is the world coming to an end? Are aliens taking over? Is this suppose to represent 911? They mentioned the sky falling in the song soooo is it although nothing is seen falling? WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING???? I am getting pissed just thinking about it actually, like who makes videos like this and give you no answers at the end? I need a part 2 to explain this guys, please and thank you.

2. Is this video (taking place in the middle of a city it seems) really the place for tribal dancers? Whose idea was that? Not much else to say about this, I just don't get it.

3. Did Chris Brown's girl die? And Justin got his girl? I watched it again and I don't know and it bothers me. Why go through all that effort showing him running to her after she gets hit by that car and then not even show her again? I guess we are suppose to think she died .

4. This last thing isn't a big deal, but I think the beginning was dumb and didn't need inclusion. This is not Moonwalker, we don't need all that extra stuff. Point blank.

So yea, I really think this video could have matched the quality of the song, but they failed miserably. Guess I will just try to ignore the pictures in my head and confusion from this video next time I hear the song on the radio or listen to it on my ipod, in hopes it won't ruin the experience.


  1. I watched the video and heard this song for the first time and I must say that I found it confusing. I couldn't listen to the song and follow the video at the same time without feeling like my senses were under assault. And the girls...I would have had an easier time if one of them was a short haired blonde. I'm going to have to watch the video without the music and listen to the song without the video!

  2. LMBO at "under assault"! I def think most would agree that this video is questionable!

  3. thats why i stopped watching music videos. cuz it would ruin it for me all the time cuz all i would see is the video in my head while im listening to it.

    i just have to say something about number 3. LOL
    i dont think his girl died. i think HE died. cuz it didnt look like he made that jump. LOL he probably fell right down that big hole in the ground LOL

    but im mad he always gotta be with white girls!!
    are we not good enough for him! so he gotta make even himself look like a white boy by getting blone hair! like REALLY!! LOL

  4. @Jessica - It never occurred to me he may have died...I'm going to have to suffer and watch it again now and see if I think that is viable lol.

  5. yea he died. he totally died. lol