Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Bots Master - OLD SCHOOL!

I'm Ziv Zulander, ZZ for short
You know I fight the corp, 
I'm the Bots Master
Listen up you all, you're the Boyzz brigade
When it's laser time put on the 3D shades
Laser time Boyzz

So I was having one of those random moments again and The Bots Master popped into my head. MAN I MISS THIS SHOW! The cartoon came out in 1993 and took place in 2025 where robots were common and they performed all of the tasks us humans usually would do. This was thanks to Ziv Zulander who was a robotics engineer genius and the RM Corp. The President of RM Corp, LLP, with the assistance of Lady Frenzy and Dr. Hiss turned the robots that ZZ helped create to help man-kind into their own minions and wanted world domination. The "Boyss Brigade" stood for "Brain Operated Young Zygoetopic Zoids" which were ZZ's crew of robots who fought by his side. 

I was in love...I mean like IN LOVE with Ziv Zulander...ZZ for short. I was 8yrs old. I know what yall are thinking, how can you be in love with a cartoon, well I was and it is what it is! No judgement please! It was the best picture I could find, but that's Ziv above. Ok... so 18yrs later I will admit, I don't get it lol. He really isn't that good looking, but oh well, I was 8.

I actually sat here on You Tube watching different episodes, enjoying EVERY minute of it! I wish they would run re-runs! It amazed me over the years how many people my age never heard of The Bots Master. I felt  disrespected and couldn't even comprehend how they did not watch it or even hear about it! All I know is that it was one of THE best cartoons and I would watch it all over again if I could. I posted the Intro to The Bots Master below so that you all can experience greatness as I have as a young child. Enjoy while I watch some more episode on You Tube....

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