Friday, December 23, 2011

All My Life - K-Ci & JoJo

If I had a man, I would want him to sing this to me. This is such a beautiful song!


  1. finally yu got a song on here i actually know!!! i love this song!!! all my life!!! i pray for someone like you!!!!!!....wait this song was in a movie i saw reciently...and it was funny cuz i was singin it and my dad was like.."........." with his looks. and i was like I LOVE THIS SONG!

    gosh darn it! i cant rememeber what i was watching!!!!

    this is gonna drive me crazy. lol

  2. oh snap!!! now i remember!!!! it was at my aunts wedding!!!!!!! they played this song and i went NUTS!!!! lol then my dad looked up the song and added it to his phone cuz he thought it was nice. lol :P

  3. @Jessica - LOL yea I love the song too. Especially because it's not just about boy/girl love, it represents love for your family and what not too.