Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Syringes in Clothes?

Warning Shoppers: Clothes May Have Syringe Inside!!!

So it has been reported at Walmart in Cartersville, GA that people are finding syringes in clothes AND being stuck by them! I mean seriously? We have soooo many other things to worry about as human beings and I really do not want to have to be scared to go shopping now. First syringes in telephone booth change returns and now this. Why should I now have to shop by picking up items by pinching them and shaking them out? Takes the fun out of shopping! Oh and just in case I guess I will be shaking shoes upside down as well next time I find a nice pair. Shoot winter is approaching...check those hats, folded up scarfs, and gloves while you are at it. Just disgusting! Parents really have a reason to tell their children NOT to touch anything in the store now. All I have to say is online shopping is starting to look REAL good right about now if this is what I have to deal with. I see now why people do not want to bring children into this world, look what they have to look forward to, people are crazy. 

I really hope they catch the people that did this because they deserve to go to jail!

Check out the news article here:


  1. I've been meaning to comment on this. This is disgusting and foul and makes me not want to shop in the mall or anywhere. I already don't have patience to deal with crowds so this just adds to it. Online shopping is looking better and better.

  2. @La La - Yea I haven't been to a store since I saw this on the news and I almost don't want to. Just scary. I forgot about the stories of people putting needles in movie theater seats too! Now we can't use telephone booths (as if there are any left lol), go to the movies (netflix and redbox...thanks), or go shopping (yay for ebay!).

  3. in movie theater seats! omg nooo I always go to the movies :(