Saturday, November 26, 2011

Random Knowledge - Intro

Anyone that knows me knows I am a "researcher". If I want to know something and don't know the answer, I will look it up. If I asked you and I don't believe your answer, I will look it up. If you ask me something because you don't know the answer and ask me and I don't know it either...yes, I will look it up.

So to feed this addiction, I have created this page of "Random Knowledge" so that I could share those things with yall in hopes that one day when you are playing "Trivial Pursuit" or watching "Jeopardy", you will know the answer and say "Thx B!".

So stay tuned as I gather some random knowledge in my everyday life...

***Disclaimer, I do not claim to have all the right answers, just the different answers that I find.***

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  1. Ok I am so going to love this category! Take it away mother hen!!!